About Mike and the Ninja

What is Mike and the Ninja?

Things never go right for Mike. He lost his job, he has no love life, and he can't go a day without getting yelled at or attacked by somebody. But when he goes to the unemployment office and meets a drifting ninja named Stu, Mike's mundane and discouraging life will never be the same again!

This is Mike and the Ninja, a serialized comic strip adventure. Mike and the Ninja's original run ended in 2013, but is being re-released with artist commentary! The comics are being re-released daily, Monday through Friday.

The Good Guys

It's Mike. What else do you need to know?


A really unlucky guy. Always in trouble, always getting yelled at, always getting turned down for dates. Young, naive, lonely, and lacking both confidence and aspiration, Mike is searching for his place in the world. Fate, unemployment, and his impulsive and often ill-advised behavior have involved him in a comic strip adventure, which is never good for anyone. Nevertheless, he's kind and a jokester at heart.

Stu the Ninja. A stand-up guy, and he's good with knives, too.

Stu the Ninja

A card-carrying member of the Ninja Union, currently on strike due to a salary disagreement. In the meantime, Stu travels the world as a freelance mercenary and adventurer. Highly skilled in the Ninja arts, including breathing underwater and eating and drinking without taking his mask off. The ninja strike has left Stu looking for purpose, resulting in an often overzealous search for action and adventure. Honorable to a fault--lacks the ruthlessness and killer instinct of a typical ninja, but is still a formidable warrior. Maintains a love-hate relationship with his arch-rival, Evil Bad Guy Ninja.

More character bios coming soon!


Hired Goon Association Logo. It's very intimidating.

The Hired Goon Association

An organization of muscle-for-hire dedicated to doing dirty work for other people for money. However, they tend to overstep their bounds and occasionally cross the line between an alleged public service and a ruthless terrorist organization.

About the Author

Brian Rhodes, future LV-426 casualty

Brian Rhodes

Brian Rhodes is a 30-something writer, freelance illustrator, and cartoonist currently living and working in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. When not exploring the cosmos in search of riches and adventure, Brian enjoys video games, classic professional wrestling, baseball and football, fiction of many sorts, traveling, woodworking, exercise, eating a lot to offset the exercise, being stingy with money, and countless other activities. Most of all, he enjoys the company and inspiration of his friends, his family, his wife, Amanda, and their three cats. Brian started making comics at age 9, directly resulting in his lifelong inability to compute fractions. It was worth it.