The End...For Now

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The End...For Now
Cartoon Brian

The End...For Now

Original Release Date: April 21, 2009

Most of the text on the front page of the newspaper is legit. It was time-consuming and is barely legible, if at all, but I insisted the text be authentic and not just a bunch of thrown-in lorem ipsum.

So, we've reached the end of Volume 1. I was on top of the world. I finished a graphic novel, had good sales of the graphic novel at Cape Comic Con, and even kind of knew what was going to happen in Volume 2! I set up a sole proprietorship to run the business, and I was on my way.

It turns out setting up the business was putting the cart before the horse. I have never had good enough sales to warrant having a business or the tax headache that goes along with the business. I have since dissolved the business and gone back to selling books as an individual. As soon as I start making more than beer and pizza money, I'll think about setting up a business again.

I had originally intended to take some time off after the first volume wrapped up, but I had so much momentum built up that I just kept on going. I was also afraid that taking another hiatus, no matter the length, might set me up to fall back off the wagon and stop drawing. It was a pivotal moment; I had finished a book, so it was time to start another. OR, I had finished a book, so it was time to take a break! I chose book. It was probably the right decision. I'm trying so hard to re-commit myself to drawing right now, and it is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Part of me wishes I had another project ready to go immediately after Mike and the Ninja ended so that I never had an opportunity to stop.