Out of the Frying Pan

Page 275

Out of the Frying Pan
Cartoon Brian

Out of the Frying Pan

Original Release Date: November 6, 2012

So what, exactly, is this defense grid? As far as I can tell, it's just a big, empty room with a couple of flamethrowers in the middle. Is it supposed to be the room where they keep all the weapons? Is it an automated system with a bunch of weapon emplacements that mow down potential intruders? We never find out. And, to be honest, I never established what it really is. Just a location of convenience within the Viisi compound that sounded like a logical place to put turret-mounted flamethrowers.

Speaking of turret-mounted flamethrowers, these are the same ones Renee delivered to the compound under false pretenses earlier in the story. And now, irony strikes as they become an obstacle. Plus, continuity!

The banter here between Renee and Ohtani is, like Renee and Stu's banter on the previous page, perhaps a bit unbelievable. But, I guess I should keep in mind that this is a comic book, after all, so it's okay for things to get unbelievable now and then. Plus, it's Renee giving Ohtani some crap for not having a solution to their current predicament, so it has entertainment value.

I re-drew the last two panels of this page because I accidentally drew Renee and Ohtani on the opposite sides. I forgot that I swung the camera 180 degrees, so they needed to be in the opposite positions of where they were in the second panel. You'll also notice in the first panel that Renee and Ohtani's positions are switched from where they are in the rest of the page! I apparently had all kinds of problems with camera angles and keeping characters in the right spots. Really, the easier thing to do would have been to just redraw panel two, rather than the bottom two. I don't remember why I didn't do that. Probably just wasn't thinking. I like to make things overly complicated for myself.