Stu Versus San Francisco, Part 36

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Stu Versus San Francisco, Part 36
Cartoon Brian

Stu Versus San Francisco, Part 36

Original Release Date: March 17, 2009

Some good, some bad on this page. I'm sure you saw that the cutting laser is back to perform another well timed miracle. I won't lie--I couldn't think of a better idea to get Mike and Renee out of this jam, so I used the cutting laser again. In its first appearance, Renee said it can only be used once, but it conveniently has just enough juice left to free Mike and Renee. This is lazy writing, and the next few lines detract even further from the idea of using the same laser twice. Mike talks about how their pockets have never been checked through any of this, and Renee's dress is specifically designed to hide things. If that's the case, and I had really put some thought into the situation, they could have had anything else on them: a pocket knife, a razor, a piece of broken glass--hell, even a second cutting laser. But nope, it's just the same stupid laser again. It feels kind of lame. I wish I had come up with something, anything better.

Also bad? Mike's running in panel four. Dude looks like he belongs in a Masters of the Universe episode. Lazy drawing. I could have gone back and fixed it, bit I just left it.

I remember getting some questions about Tiffany's attire. Pratt's plan has gone into action, so she has changed out of her evening gown and into her skintight, Bond-villainess, action jumpsuit. It's a perfectly logical wardrobe choice. I'm sure Pratt picked it out for her.

I also wanted to discuss Renee's dress for a moment. She claims she just got it because it was on sale and brings out her eyes, but it seems too convenient. Here, I wanted people to question her. We have a good feeling she's more than meets the eye, so is that really the reason she has this dress?