Stu Versus San Francisco, Part 39

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Stu Versus San Francisco, Part 39
Cartoon Brian

Stu Versus San Francisco, Part 39

Original Release Date: April 7, 2009

It occurred to me when I got to this page that Renee has been running around all over the place in heels for quite some time now. The joke in panel seven was a last-minute addition, an acknowledgement of my complete lack of understanding of this choice of shoe in this situation.

The first part of this panel looks a little weird. They're in the dome of the death ray, but there's no sky, just a light gray background. I would have done that differently today.

Other than that, this page is pretty good! Everybody is emotionally charged, and it brings tremendous energy to this page. Stu is still in a rage and doesn't want to give Pratt up. Pratt's lackeys are desperate to get him back. Mike and Renee have to try to convince Stu to drop everything and get out of there before they're all killed. Everybody is stressed, both for their own reasons, and because the clock is ticking before the Hired Goon Association arrives in force and cleans house. Stu reluctantly has to give Pratt up, but he knows Pratt is in major trouble with the goons now, so it isn't a total loss.

The last panel marks the fall of Pratt's would-be empire. This is an odd case where the Hired Goon Association does something good for the world. It's not for the benefit of the citizens of San Francisco, at large, mind you--the goons are only here to wipe away a blemish within their organization. Also, for revenge, since Pratt tried to bamboozle them.