"Meta" Mucil

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Cartoon Brian

"Meta" Mucil

Original Release Date: August 19, 2009

It started as a mistaken case of strep throat. I went on antibiotics for three or four days, and my symptoms grew progressively worse. Another trip to the doctor revealed mono. The characteristic exhaustion set in next. I don't recall ever having to take so many naps in my life. I couldn't do anything. I took at least a week off from the comic and had to waste a bunch of perfectly good vacation days calling in sick to work. We were on one of those plans where your sick days and your vacation days are the same thing, which is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American working public. However, that employer is well known in the area for being awful to its employees, so what's new?

Everything I was ever told about mono proved true. It was painful and exhausting and took about three weeks to recover fully. Of everything, what I remember most is this layer of snot or pus or resin that settled in the back of my mouth. This layer of goo hardened and wouldn't allow me to open wide without great pain. Finally, I got fed up with it and tried to open my mouth really wide really quickly. I felt a pop as the layer of goo broke loose. It was weird and disgusting, but the pain was finally gone.

Anyway, I captured my frustration with the illness in this comic. The only other thing I could do was wait it out, so this made me feel better in the meantime.