Legend of The Six, Part 1

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Legend of The Six, Part 1
Cartoon Brian

Legend of The Six, Part 1

Original Release Date: August 30, 2011

As is the case in every volume of Mike and the Ninja, it's time for Stu to tell a tale from the annals of ninja history. As I've said in the past, it was not part of the plan that Stu would tell a story in each volume, but I think it's really cool that it turned out that way.

The shadows on Stu's face are well rendered here. I like how the shadow is offset some when it transitions from his mask to his face. Also, I'd like to believe that's the best vehicle dashboard I've ever drawn.

One thing I would change today: adjust Stu's word bubble in the first panel so it obscures less of the driver's face. That's sloppy work. I also wish I had made it a little more obvious that Stu is speaking to the couple through an open back window. I should have slightly tinted them so you can tell the difference between the open window and the glass. Ah well.

The blades of grass in the last panel offer a level of hyper-detail not normally seen in Mike and the Ninja. Apparently, I felt a serious need to challenge my art skills and my patience. That's not normally the sort of thing I would put so much work into.

Stu has the undivided attention of that one pig, let me tell ya.