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It's On
Cartoon Brian

It's On

Original Release Date: August 4, 2004

This is apparently the irrational programming of Irrational Robot Antagonist at work again. This is an unnecessarily elaborate murder plot. I understand the logic behind eliminating Stu's transportation, but does it really need to blow up the truck? It's already been established that IRA has a heat ray built into one of its fingers--just pop the tires! But, then again, who am I to question the genius programming of a robot bounty hunter?

Let's talk about Slurp, the Mike and the Ninja Universe's most popular soft drink, dispensed by Slurpifier machines at convenience stores everywhere! Slurp's first appearance was actually a couple of pages ago (the one with marinara sauce in it), but this seemed like a good time to bring it up since Mike mentions the Slurpifier. Slurp makes a few appearances throughout the story, usually being consumed by Mike, who seems to have an affinity for fountain drinks. The three known soft drinks in the Slurp family are Slurp, Diet Slurp, and Professor Salt, which sounds particularly gross.

It's hard to come up with original names for fake sodas. There are already a billion real brands of soda, and also a number of fake soda brands. Slurp has probably been used elsewhere, but it seemed original after time. Somewhat close to Slurm from Futurama and actual soft drink brand Squirt, but decidedly different from both.

Also, if I may say, some pretty choice use of comedic delay on Stu and Evil Bad Guy Ninja dramatic, rough-and-tumble exit from the bathroom. I think the intermediary panel between Stu entering and their exit sets it up nicely.