Beat 'em Up

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Beat 'em Up
Cartoon Brian

Beat 'em Up

Original Release Date: November 8, 2011

First, let me share with you my original blog that accompanied this page. I think it's pretty funny:

You are walking down a city street, or through a construction site, forest, or spooky cave. You might be on a mission to rescue your girlfriend, but it's also possible you're just going to work, getting some exercise, enjoying nature, or buying your kids some ice cream. Sure enough, every bad guy on Earth is suddenly there, strategically placed along your route to hinder your progress. It happens all the time; you're so sick of this. Many of them even look the same due to the planet's graphical or memory limitations.

Fortunately, you're the best fighter in town. You can punch, kick, jump-kick, judo-toss, head-butt, and spinning dragon-kick them across the block. The authorities never get involved or ask you questions--the bodies blink for a brief moment and then disappear when you're through with them. You take a moment to collect yourself, only to do it all over again when you pass under those conveniently placed windows up ahead that you know bad guys are going to come crashing out of.

Your kids better really appreciate that ice cream.

Ah, beat 'em ups. They are fun games, but really, where do all of those bad guys come from? Leave me alone, jerks!

So, that being said, the first panel of this page is in the graphical style of Double Dragon on Nintendo, one of my favorite beat 'em up games. You walk around punching and kicking everyone in your path into oblivion as you try to rescue your girlfriend. This is what Stu's life is like most of the time, so I thought parodying this type of video game would work well here.

In panels two through five, Stu furiously hands these goons their proverbial lunches. I detect quite a bit of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way influence in panel two, but I believe the other two are more original.

Lastly, in panel five, we discover Stu has been searching for a wrestling-themed establishment. Big surprise. I bet you didn't see that coming. I'm quite pleased with the design of the sign, though. It's so goofy.