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Ninja Angst
Cartoon Brian

Ninja Angst

Original Release Date: November 15, 2011

Let's talk about The Flying Elbow for just a moment. I'm pleased to report that, as you can see in the first panel, I took the time to draw patrons. There are people in this place, and they're not even directly involved with the story! Isn't that amazing? I'm glad I took the time to do that, or The Flying Elbow really would have looked dead and empty. There are still some open seats in the background here and there, but it's also during the day. I figure the place is much more busy at night, being that it is a nightclub and all.

Now let's talk about the thing I don't like about The Flying Elbow: those posters on the wall. Ew. I think it's okay that I didn't include a lot of detail, but if I wasn't going to include a lot of detail, I should have made them darker so they blended in with the background more. They stand out badly, and it doesn't look good.

My wife made fun of me for drawing the voluptuous broad behind the bar. I'm not keen on drawing oversexualized women, but I do so when I feel as if the situation calls for it. It still makes me uncomfortable, though, and sheepish when my wife sees it.

I love the stonewalling guards outside Paul's office. This sort of thing must be infuriating for Stu, knowing that he can crush these guys, but knowing that they think they can crush him.