Shadowy Assailant

Page 238

Shadowy Assailant
Cartoon Brian

Shadowy Assailant

Original Release Date: January 10, 2012

This is a pivotal page, as Renee finds evidence of The Six within the Viisi compound! This is also the first mention of somebody named Ohtani, whoever that is. Not only that, Renee runs afoul of a hired goon! There's no mistaking to whom this goon owes his allegiance: he's wearing a Hired Goon Association t-shirt! At this point, astute readers may be putting the pieces together. Remember Stu's conversation with Tiffany about The Six and the HGA?

All that being said, it's a cool page, but not without its issues. First, the HGA logo on the goon's shirt looks a little fake. It's a digital logo sitting on top of a hand-drawn goon, so it doesn't look quite right. I should have made an effort to better blend it.

Next, Renee takes care of the goon with the most overpowered, appears-exactly-when-you-need-it weapon in the Mike and the Ninja universe: the cutting laser. Renee must have a closet full of these things. Remember, they allegedly can only be used once, despite the fact Renee conveniently uses the same one twice in Volume One. I'm just so sick of the cutting laser. Doesn't Renee have anything cooler to use in that big truck of hers? Come on, Brian. Think of something new and fresh.

The other thing happening on this page that troubles me is that as Renee fires the laser at the goon in panel six, another goon (in silhouette) is looming over her from behind, hence Renee's turn and look of surprise in the last panel. However, the goon in silhouette could be mistaken for Renee's shadow. I'm not sure how readers interpreted that. It's probably nothing, but it bothers me.