More than Meets the Eye

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More than Meets the Eye
Cartoon Brian

More than Meets the Eye

Original Release Date: January 23, 2005

You may notice there is a lot of pencil on this page. I was experimenting with different art styles. I believe, in this case, I recently read some Megatokyo and decided my comic needed to look more like that one. It didn't stick, but I do still kind of like how it looks.

I do like the competition between bounty hunters at work here. Naturally, heroes and villains fight each other, but I always think it's really fun when two villains fight each other. As a culture, we seem to gravitate toward hero versus hero match-ups, which spawns things like Captain America: Civil War, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Hulk Hogan versus the Ultimate Warrior, and so on. And that's fine, because heroes often have legitimate reasons to fight each other. But I have always found villain versus villain fights to be much more intriguing, and I think they feel more natural, as well. You get two or more egomaniacal scoundrels in a room, and yeah, they might get along temporarily, but it's only a matter of time before egos and evil desires get the better of them, and knives enter backs.

The writing at the end of this one is a little heavy-handed. The joke is that Irrational Robot Antagonist goes by IRA for short (like the first name "Ira"), but this has never been established. Still, Evil Bad Guy Ninja somehow knows to call him IRA. It doesn't quite work.

I like the different modes IRA's programming enters, as indicated by the big screen in his chest. We've seen stealth mode, kill mode, jerk mode, and battle mode so far. A small detail, but I find it amusing.