Trouble With a Capital "B"

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Trouble With a Capital
Cartoon Brian

Trouble With a Capital "B"

Original Release Date: June 23, 2009

I think Stu's negative impression of Renee is somewhat forced here, especially after they shook hands and parted ways amicably at the end of Volume 1. It's as if his character has reverted to when they just met. Obviously there is still some mystery surrounding her, but she helped Stu out a lot in the previous story. It's a failure of the writing. For some reason, I was trying to manufacture this apprehension Stu has about Renee, and when I read it now, it doesn't feel natural. Stu has reason to wonder what Renee is really all about, but he can do that without dismissing her involvement in the story as being completely self-serving. Ultimately, he's correct that Renee is more than what Mike believes her to be, but everything he says seems so mean-spirited. Not only does Renee not deserve it, it's uncharacteristic of Stu, as well.

I do, however, like Bee Man's reveal. I like that even though Bee Man can fly, he pulls himself out of the hole with his bee arms. I didn't intend for it, but it makes it appear as if there is an internal struggle being waged between Bee Man's human and bee instincts. Isn't that deep?!