Bee Serious

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Bee Serious
Cartoon Brian

Bee Serious

Original Release Date: April 20, 2010

We see more proof of Mike's growth on this page. His previous encounter with Bee Man left him a wreck, but this time, he showed courage and faith in himself, and he's relatively okay after the encounter. He still had some help from Stu, but he could have immediately turned and ran, too. He's gaining more confidence in himself. He could really make something of himself one of these days!

You'll notice that Bee Man's dialogue is in brackets here. (Except I'm missing one after "Water!" Whoops!) I don't think I mentioned it when this happened previously, but brackets are used in comics to indicate that the character is speaking in a language other than the main language being used in the comic. However, English is still rendered within the brackets so the reader knows what the character said. Bee Man has a moment of discomfort here, and also doesn't want to admit weakness to his human adversaries, and so resorts to exclaiming in the secret language of bees.

I didn't cheat and use Photoshop on the last three panels. It was a challenge to keep them all as similar in appearance as they are.

The word balloons in panel four are a bit of a jumble. I apologize if those are confusing. It works in my head, but they're very close together, so the read order may be ambiguous. Stu's line about the flying man should be read after Mike says he's fine.