Contract Dispute

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Contract Dispute
Cartoon Brian

Contract Dispute

Original Release Date: September 1, 2006

If you'll check Stu's ninja contract, you see a subtle reference to Batman in section C. Ninja need crime labs, you know.

Being unemployed, I was extremely disgruntled about the skyrocketing costs of drinks at restaurants. It was around this time I switched to the free water and never went back. Jacked up prices on sodas--that's where they get you!

We get a little more clarity on the ninja/trucker dispute, but we still don't quite know what happened.

The dude at the counter is based on a clueless Huddle House employee my friends and I encountered one time. We had exceptionally bad service and complained, and the excuse the guy at the counter gave us was that our server was having the manager's baby. I guess what he was getting at was that she either wasn't expected, or didn't feel like she needed, to work hard. I don't remember how the dispute was resolved, but Ricky was mad.